As an accredited collection agency for over 50 years we have the special knowledge and skill expertise to navigate today's ever-changing matrix of consumer, data, and privacy laws to collect your money. We view ourselves as a natural exertion of your office. Through dedicated communication channels we ensure timely transfer of data so we can outperform the industry average. Our agency’s data is stored at an off-site location to ensure it's safety. The client portal is encrypted for a platform to exchange data securely. In addition, we have a security system within our building that includes advanced firewalls, cameras, automated door locks and security of all on-site records.

All eligible accounts are reported to all three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion on a weekly basis. The Collection Bureau of Fort Walton Beach, Inc. is also an Equifax broker.

Accounts are scored for their propensity to pay based upon credit reporting data. This allows our collectors to work strategically to capture revenue. All calls, inbound and outbound, are recorded for quality assurance. Each month our collectors are evaluated based upon the calls that they have taken within the month. These evaluations determine if our collectors are following compliance regulations but also are treating each debtor with respect and dignity. Our payment options include processing over the phone, mailing in payments and making payments through the online portal. We also use Papaya (an app that allows consumers to digitize their statement and pay from the app).

We are proud to be able to offer different forms of communication with our clients and debtors. We also utilize Zendesk which is a ticketing system that allows our office to assign tickets to the appropriate team member, streamline our communications process, and provide rapid response to our clients and their customers.

We also provide chat functionality through our website and These communication pathways are available to both clients and debtors. We communicate through our phone system for voice calls and we also have the ability to send notifications and communications through USPS, text, and email. All payment pathways accept ACH, debit, and credit cards. Cash can be taken in-house, and money orders and checks are accepted.


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