Our EBO team offers industry specific solutions for the entire accounts receivables cycle. Some include:

First Party Billing

Proven billing products that will save money and increase cash flow.

Call Campaigns

Fully transparent inbound and outbound call capabilities.

Letter Campaigns

Customer service letters requesting payments or additional information.

Employee Background Screening

Know who you are really hiring.

Appointment Reminder Campaigns

Politely save time and money by eliminating no shows.

Tenant Screening

Protect your asset.

Social Media Screening

Is your online presence hurting or helping you? Is your employees’ online presence hurting or helping you? Whether you are looking at employees or building up your company’s professional reputation; it is important to manage online images across the different social networks they use.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

(Person to Person or Online) – Know what your customers think about you. Get real time metrics that allow you to actually know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.